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Best Time to Visit Costa Rica 1

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica (USA) in [2022]聽

The best time to visit Costa Rica is between November and March. When to visit is determined by the climate, which varies considerably based on the time of year and region of the country. With such drastically varying geography between regions, it’s unsurprising that this little Central American country experiences such extreme weather.

Costa Rica is a fantastic trip(see guide on a trip to Iceland), with epic surfing, mystical cloud forests, and breathtaking scenery and wildlife. Costa Rica is well-known for adventure travel, but it is also making achievements in the area of sustainable and accessible tourism. Due to the small size of this Central American country, travellers can encounter a wide variety of experiences during a brief visit. Therefore, if you’re looking for the ideal time to visit Costa Rica, the greatest weather in Costa Rica, or when to avoid the crowds, this site is for you.

Seasons: Dry vs. Green

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

To begin, Costa Rica has two tropical seasons: dry season and green season. The dry season lasts from December to April. The green season runs from May until November. The dry season is also the peak season (best time to visit Costa Rica), since many snowbirds migrate to the tropics and rainfall is reduced. While the high season is the busiest travel period, the green season is frequently a favorite of Costa Rica Experts.

During the green season, mornings are often sunny (best time to visit Costa Rica for morning trips) and rain showers in the afternoon (best time to visit Costa Rica for a beautiful afternoon trip). There are numerous advantages to travelling during the green season, including lower accommodation rates, less visitors, and more active animals.

Diverse Climates

Bear in mind that Costa Rica’s landscapes and climates vary significantly by region (view Costa Rica’s topography) and this also affects the best time to visit Costa Rica. Generally, the beaches are warmer, whereas the highlands are cooler.

Humidity levels increase as you travel south along the Pacific coast. Year-round, the Caribbean Coast is hot, humid, and rainy, with a brief respite in September and October. Kindly consult a Costa Rica Expert regarding the general climate of your desired destinations during your travel dates.

Costa Rica best time to travel

From mid-December to April- is the best time of the year to visit Costa Rica. It is the best time of the year to visit Costa Rica because the peak tourist season is blessed with an abundance of sunshine, making it a great time for rainforest exploration and beach relaxation.

Having said that, the dry season is the busiest (and most expensive) time to visit. Fortunately, regardless of the season, the US dollar goes a long way in Costa Rica. To guarantee a spot, you must book your hotel and tour reservations three months in advance.

If you don’t mind getting wet, visit between May and November to take advantage of the lowest pricing as it will be the best and cheapest time to visit Costa Rica. June and July, amongst the best time to visit Costa Rica, see a brief lull in rain showers, and Costa Rica’s woods bloom with green vegetation.

Bear in mind when planning your journey that the weather differs by region. Expect extreme humidity and year-round temperatures in the 70s and upper 80s in the dense forests of the Caribbean Sea coast and Northern Plains.

In the North Pacific, on the other hand, expect lower humidity levels but temperatures that frequently reach the 90s during Costa Rica’s dry season.

Best time to visit Costa Rica: Other Considerations

The dry months of Costa Rica bring the most sunshine and tourists. Wildlife enthusiasts and beachgoers go to the country in droves to explore the country’s magnificent jungles and sandy shorelines. Visit during the dry season to observe flying Quetzals and waddling green turtles.

Travel around this time of year, and you’ll also come across vivid fiestas across the country, complete with bullfights, dancing, and live music.

San Jos茅 has year-round temperatures in the 70s, whereas drier locations along the Northern Plains and coast, such as the Nicoya Peninsula and Guanacaste, see 90-degree temperatures.

In December and January, people from North America and Europe flock to Costa Rica in search of sun, splendour, and a reprieve from the frigid winter months at home. As a result, reservations should be made many months in advance to ensure availability.

Best time to visit Costa Rica FAQs

How is the remainder of the year in Costa Rica?

May-November (Costa Rica best time to travel)

This rainy season 鈥 frequently referred to as the “green season” due to the lush foliage – attracts fewer tourists, resulting in lower hotel fees for those willing to brave the wet and is one of the best time to visit Costa Rica. It can also be one of the best time to visit Costa Rica. Showers begin in the afternoon or evening in drier places such as Guanacaste and typically continue only a few hours.

Expect showers along the Caribbean coast until September and October, when the sun begins to shine. If you plan to visit during this season, bear in mind that dirt roads can become impassable at times, making access to isolated areas difficult.

However, there is a sweet spot during this low season: in July and August(amongst the best time to visit Costa Rica, travellers flock to Costa Rica in order to see the country’s natural biodiversity without being soaked. It is the best and cheapest time to visit Costa Rica for those who can鈥檛 afford much.

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