August 8, 2022
Best Time to Visit Disney World

Best Time to Visit Disney World in [2022]

The vacations to Disney World are memorable and magical. But when is the best time to visit Disney World? The time period during which you visit will also affect your expenditures and ability to make meals and Genie+ reservations. As a result, choosing the best time to visit Disney World is critical when planning your family holiday.

When to visit Disney World will depend on a variety of variables, including crowds, cost, and weather. Additionally, you should consider additional factors such as special events, seasonal festivals, and extended park hours.

This article discusses the primary criteria to consider when determining the best time of the year to visit Disney World.

The best time of the year to visit Disney World

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March to May is the best time to visit Disney World. It is the best time to visit Disney World because the weather is most pleasant during this time (high 50s to high 80s on most days) and travel and lodging are most affordable (excluding holiday weekends and school recesses). Similarly, September to mid-November offers pleasant weather and affordable travel and hotel rates, but autumn is the busiest period of Florida’s hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

Summer is the worst time to visit the area – the state’s heat and humidity are borderline unpleasant, and hotels capitalize on the school break to increase accommodation costs. Between late November and February, when families rush to the region to visit grandparents and celebrate the holidays, prices are also higher.

When is the busiest time at Disney World?

As a general rule, crowds will be heavier during school vacation weeks, holidays, weekends, and during the summer season. Crowds rise in especially during February’s school vacation week, Spring Break, Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, and holiday weekends (i.e., MLK, Memorial Day, Labor Day).

Additionally, the park will be busy immediately following the opening of a new section/land/attraction (such as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge).

Best Time to Visit Disney World: Conclusion

It’s unsurprising that the best time to visit Disney World has historically coincided with school schedules; that is, the best time to visit Disney World is typically while the children are in school. Generally, whenever a school holiday occurs, Disney World will experience increased crowds.

With so many school systems continuing to provide online education or hybrid classes (online and in-person alternatives), this allows for greater flexibility. 

When deciding on the best time to visit Disney World, keep the weather in Orlando in mind, as it is the most significant element in determining how much fun you will have(see guide on best time to visit Hawaii).

Special events, which are also shown on the Crowd Calendar, should be considered when determining the best time to visit Disney World. Disney World hosts a variety of magnificent events, including the EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays. You may choose to schedule your visit around one or more of them!

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