August 8, 2022
Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Best Time to Visit Hawaii (USA) in [2022] 

When it comes to booking a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands, the first question many ask is when is the best time to visit Hawaii? When determining the best time to visit Hawaii for you, it’s critical to examine the weather prediction for the time of year, the islands you intend to visit, any festivals or events you wish to attend, and the cost of accommodations and airfares during that time period.

Additionally, consider whether you’re comfortable vacationing in peak season crowds, whether the activities and attractions you’re interested in are available during the time of year you’re considering, and, if you’re a return visitor to Hawaii, which other islands and seasons you’d like to experience.

Let’s see which is a good time to go to hawaii.

Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Best Time to Visit Hawaii 1

The dry season in Hawaii lasts from April to October, and the wet season lasts from November to March. While summer may seem like the best time of the year to visit Hawaii, the environment is really quite hot and humid, which is something to bear in mind if you are prone to experiencing excessive temperatures. Fortunately, Hawaii is exceptionally lovely all year, so there is no ‘wrong’ time to visit. April, May, September, and October are generally the best time of the year to visit Hawaii in terms of temperature (which luckily coincides with some good travel deals).

Between mid-December and mid-April, what is referred described as the ‘peak’ season, flights and accommodations are often more expensive. If you plan to visit during this particular period, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. If natural attractions such as whale watching appeal to you, the optimum time to visit Hawaii is between November and early May.

Winter months, December through March, are the ideal time to spot whales off the sides of your ship, but they are also the wettest and most expensive. Between Thanksgiving and mid-December is the greatest time to get cruise deals. April, September, and October offer a bigger selection of boats.

The Best Time to Purchase Airline Tickets: 

Flight prices fluctuate rapidly. Booking one to four months in advance generally results in the greatest rates, with six weeks prior to travel being the perfect time to locate deals. Exceptions include Thanksgiving week and mid- to late-December bookings. It is normally advisable to reserve these times as soon as tickets become available, up to eleven months in advance.

Hawaii best time to visit (to Surf): 

Hawaii best time to visit varies according to the surfer’s ability level. The largest waves often impact the north beaches of all islands during the winter, around November to March – most notably in December and January, and especially on Oahu’s North Shore. This is the best time to visit Hawaii for professionals, seasoned surfers, and spectators. Beginners should avoid the south edges of the islands during the winter and travel during the summer months. From May through September, the waves are especially quiet. (See videos on surfing in Hawaii)

The Best Time to visit Hawaii (to Hike): 

In Hawaii, particularly on Kauai, some of the most amazing treks in the world are located. While hiking is possible at any time of year, summer is considered the ideal season to visit Hawaii for trekking because to the increased daylight hours and drier trails. Summers in this location may be extremely hot, so carry plenty of water & sunscreen and plan to begin your hike early in the morning.

The Best Time to visit Hawaii (For Whale Watching): 

Each year, between December and April, whales travel from Alaska to Hawaii for the winter. The best time to visit Hawaii to observe them is late February to early March, immediately following the birth of the calves. Whales are visible from every island’s beach, but are most common between Maui’s western coasts and the neighbouring islands of Molokai and Lanai.

Attending or participating in a large festival or event is a fantastic opportunity to gain a true sense of Hawaiian culture and appreciation. Numerous events occur throughout the year, and by researching what is available, you can also choose a good time to go to hawaii.

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