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bookmaker review 2022

BlueBet Australia Bookmaker Review & Rating in 2022

Sports or horse racing in Australia is nothing more than a festival. Thanks to the legal betting options, punters and fans of a particular sport or horse racing event look for popular betting sites. BlueBet is one of the most renowned online bookmakers and betting websites that offer competitive odds and promotions

Every punter wants to bet on sports or racing events through trusted, reliable and established brands. BlueBet is one such online sports and horse racing betting website in Australia. Being the very product of the Australian mind, many local betting punters are flocking up to sign up and bet on various events. So, is BlueBet any good? Here, we thoroughly review the BlueBet. Let鈥檚 get started:

BlueBet Online Bookmaker Review

Founded by Michael Sullivan in 2015, BlueBet is a well-renowned name in the online betting industry. The founder and CEO of the online betting site 鈥 Michael Sullivan has 30 years of experience in the betting and gambling industry. Since Michael had already founded Sportingbet Australia, it鈥檚 not exactly a surprise that BlueBet became an instant hit in the Australian market.

After Sportingbet was acquired by William Hill in 2012, Michael created another brainchild BlueBet that鈥檚 been catching up and improving rapidly. It has gained more popularity and reliability among the punters. The site is operated out of Randwick Racecourse in Sydney and is licensed by NSW, which provides punters with more safety and security than other online betting websites.

As per Michael Sullivan, the BlueBet was launched to take on the English-owned bookmakers that rule in the Australian betting market.  The goal of starting BlueBet is to give punters an experience they never got.

BlueBet Products and Offers

Punters are guaranteed to get great value when betting on BlueBet whether it is on fixed odds or the Tote markets. The betting platform is continually improving its betting products and coming up with regular offers to keep it exciting for punters.

BlueBoost: BlueBoost is a product from BlueBet that boosts your odds every day. It allows punters to pump up their odds on Australian Thoroughbred and Greyhounds.

BlueBet Cash Out: The feature allows punters to take control of each bet. It is available for select sporting and racing events and on fixed odds.

BlueBet Protest Payout: Similar to other industry-leading online betting platforms, BlueBet will pay out on all thoroughbred races if the horse is first and gets beaten in protest.

BlueBet Betting Market

BlueBet has created a storm in the Australian betting market as its offering per fixture are dramatically increasing. From covering AFL, NRL, MLB, EPL, and other sports events, BlueBet鈥檚 range of markets is sufficient for it to become a standalone member for casual sports betting.

Contrary to other Australian betting sites, BlueBet isn鈥檛 only focused on horse racing. Still, they have an extensive racing section that covers all the markets and features punters may expect.

Finally, BlueBet offers a solid range of both daily and seasonal promotions that constantly get updated. They have an extremely detailed website as well as a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

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